Welcome to Photographing A Theme

The Photographing A Theme (PAT) website evolved from the Favorite A Week (FAW) website, and remained as a companion to Gary's Photo A Week (PAW) website.

Beginning in 2005 we decided to add a "theme" to the old FAW.  After opting to have a theme, the name Favorite A Week didn't seem appropriate, and the name was changed to Photographing A Theme.

Every month the theme changed.  Photos were submitted weekly, but the theme remained the same for the entire month.  The themes were single word "ideas," allowing the photographers to interpret themes any way they would like.

The following guidelines were used for the PAT:

1) Photos had to be in jpeg format, with the largest dimension 480 pixels, and the file size less than 150 Kb.

2) The PAT photos were taken either during the month of the theme, or the month prior to the theme, by the person submitting the photo.

3) The submission date was on or before the last Sunday of each week.

4) Photo submissions needed to have a short caption or title so visitors have a better idea of what they are looking at.

Currently the FAW and PAT are not being updated, but I'm leaving the websites in place for anyone wishing to view them.  Enjoy.......

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