Welcome to Favorite A Week.

The Favorite a Week (FAW) website was created as a companion to Gary's Photo a Week (PAW) website.  The PAW requires that your photo be taken the week before submitting it.  This is a great concept to keep our cameras from collecting dust, and also encourages us to take our camera with us wherever we go.  You never know when that special "Kodak Moment" will happen.

Originally there were three requirements for the FAW.  The requirements were the photos submitted had to be taken by the person submitting it, the photo's largest dimension was 480 pixels, and the file size had to be 100 Kilobytes or less.  Photos were submitted no later than Sunday of each week and jpeg was the preferred format.

Later the FAW was a "theme driven" website and the name was changed to Photographing A Theme (PAT).  The themes changed monthly.

Currently the FAW and PAT are not being updated, but I'm leaving the websites in place for anyone wishing to view them.  Enjoy.......

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